Nongnooch Pattaya garden always focuses on health and skin. Therefore, it opens the service for customers who are interested in spa, and they can choose our service as the following.


Facial massage:

     Facial massage is the best method used to slow down the aging process since facial massage would help stimulate the blood circulation, for facial exercise to make the face tighten, to take nutrition and oxygen to nourish skin cell to be stronger, it helps the skin to receive nutrition, then can look young.


Facial scrub: 

     Normally, there is the cell removal every 2-4 weeks, but when one is more than 20 years old, the dead skin cell removal is slow, this leads to the wrinkle and dark spot, skin scrub by using sponge, salt to scrub skin, brush, and other methods to help skin cell to be removed more quickly and make the skin to look bright.


Facial mask: 

     Facial mask is the method of treatment to nourish the skin and method of cleaning skin deeply. It is better than just washing face because facial mask can help eradicate the dirt out of the skin pore efficiently and help relax the skin, so it is possible to fill the moisture to the facial skin and the skin can absorb nourishment from nature fully, making skin soft and fresh and can absorb nutrient more than using only nourishing cream. The skin then would look bright like “Aura”.

Time: 09.00 a.m. – 08.00 p.m.

Contact : 038-238-061-63 , 087-488-0028 , 061-647-7088