Sala Srimueng 

Sala Srimueng 

Sala Srimueng 

3 Buddha images 


      Nongnooch Pattaya Garden is a beautiful place and one of the most famous tourist destinations in Asia and the whole world. Also, Nongnooch Pattaya Garden is a place of religious tradition and Thai culture for tourists to worship and show respect. 


      “Sala Srimueng” the name of one hall meaning is happiness. It is a Thai Lanna- style pavilion in golden color. It has built as a viewpoint and rest for tourists, who visit the French garden, Stonehenge garden, and Dinosaur Valley. 


      On April 4, 2020, Nongnooch Pattaya Garden has brought three Buddha images consisting of Luang Pho Somwang, Laung Pho Sharoen, and Luang Pho Samrige,   to enshrine at this Sala Srimueng with the permanent Prakru Somnuek Suthammathirasattho Abbot of Wat Thasung, Uthai Thani province, He is the president of the Sangha along with Mr. Kampon Tansacha, president of Nongnooch Pattaya garden, the executive's employees, people and tourist to attend the ceremony. 


      Mr. Kampon Tansacha, president of Nongnooch Pattaya garden said for bringing all three Buddha images to be enshrined at Sala Srimueng for everyone to have an opportunity to worship. 


      Visit Nongnooch Pattaya garden and you will feel both happiness and calmness plus warmth in your heart on your return back home.