Garden in the sky

Garden in the sky

Garden in the sky


          Mr. Kampon Tansacha, the owner of Nongnooch Pattaya Garden, designed the garden in the sky by himself. The area is approximately 10 rais and is consisted of 2 floors. It has a variety of plants display inside the garden, such as ferns, bromeliad, orchids, cactus, and succulent plants. Moreover, it also has agave, cycads, croton, bonsai, aglaonema, among others.


         The garden in the sky always rotates the plants and changes into various shapes, such as heart, sphere, and star shapes. Those shapes display around garden in the sky. In addition to, we also add various types of dinosaur sculptures, and pottery arranged in a unique shape, such as Tuk-Tuk, heart display, doll, and arched entrance. Moreover, it has a watering spray system with foggy. So, garden in the sky has cool air all day. It is like winter. Most importantly, we install LED to help the plants photosynthesize.


         The tourists may go to the second floor by sky walk. However, the wheelchair can use our elevator. The garden in the sky is a new garden for people in the 21st century. Moreover, it has an elevator inside garden in the sky. So, the tourists who travel with their wheelchair can get benefit from it.


         In addition to, we also prepare more religious area to worship and other sacred items from China, India, Bhutan and Korea in garden in the sky. So, this garden will be a new destination place for people who live in the 21st century.