Activity base

Activity base

Activity base

The place of activity consists of:

      - Outdoor activity area (accommodate 1,000 persons.) 
      - Indoor auditorium (accommodate 800 persons.)
      - Cooking area.
      - More than 20 adventurous activity bases.
      - Nature exploration and hiking activities.

Service team, Lecturer and activities:
          It is a professional team that trains both public and public and private organization, as well as youth groups in various training programs according to organizational objectives, such as Scout camp activities, Organizational capacity building activities, Activities to promote love and unity within the organization, Teamwork development activities, Personality development activities, Leadership development activities, Service skills development activities and Activities to adjust positive thoughts and attitudes, etc.

          There is a team of experts in curriculum development and activities in order to create a course and organize training for maximum efficiency to service recipients:
      - Professional lecturer team.
      - Activities are new types of activities that have been developed for maximum efficiency in training and meet the objectives of the clients who are happy, fun, merge in every activity. 

1. Activities of youth: 
      -  Scout and Girl Scout camp activities at all levels according to the required curriculum.
      - Activities to enhance and develop skills for youth.
      - Many other activities according to customer needs. 

2. Public and private organizations:  
      - Human resource development activities within the organization according to customer requirements. 

Food service: 
      - Buffet 
      - SET
      - Snack 

15 of activity base

      1. Rope wall 
      2. Tarzan
      3. Crawl under the tunnel 
      4. 3 rope bridges 
      5. 2 rope bridges
      6. Low Sift
      7. Aeron Runway
      8. Desert Lion
      9. Gibbons climb around1
      10. Transmitter
      11. Haven Stairs. 
      12. Spiderman
      13. Gibbons climb around2
      14. Ngokong “Monkey” 
      15. Climb the Cliff

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