Nongnooch Tropical Botanical Garden (NNTBG)

Nong Nooch

One of the Top Ten World's largest living Tropical Plant collections.


The Botanical part of Nongnooch was started in 1991. Plant species have been accessioned since then and the total number now is 19528 accession representing over 12,000 species. (2020).

Mr. Kampon Tansacha, the owner of Nongnooch Pattaya Garden, is committed to conservation and propagation of rare and endangered plants, for ex situ conservation and as an important conservation tool.  The botanical living plant collection is not open to the public but is accessible for researchers both local and domestic. The garden has regular visitors using the facilities as a source for botanical studies globally. The garden has a professional team of botanists and horticulturists dealing with the Curation and maintenance of the living collections. It is of crucial importance that both wild and domestic plants are being kept alive both for the human benefit as well as for their intrinsic value of nature. Plant records are being maintained in a specially designed computer database for plants, and herbarium vouchers have been done on many of our accession, which makes the plant collection a very important research-based collection.

The garden is registered as a Certified CITES nursery.  

The garden has over the years been focused on some plant groups and the garden can now claim to have the largest living collections assembled of following plant groups, Palms, Cycads, Hoya, Bougainvillea, Heliconia, Hoya, The garden also have very large collections of other plants groups such as Bananas, Adenium, cacti, and Orchids.




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PR 뉴스 및 이벤트

Nong Nooch
Swimming pool

Swimming pool

When staying at Nongnooch Pattaya Garden, it is not disappointed with the facilities that are well provided for the happiness of customer.

Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe

When you come to Nonnooch Pattaya garden and visit the Car garden2. You will see and feel happy with the cutest of Persian cats.

อินทราคอฟฟี่ช็อป กาแฟอินทราลอยฟ้า

อินทราคอฟฟี่ช็อป กาแฟอินทราลอยฟ้า

รับอะไรดีคะ เพิ่มความสดชื่น ในอากาศที่่สุดร้อนแรงเช่นนี้ ร้านกาแฟอินทรา จุดเช็คอินที่สวยงามอีกจุดนึงที่ไม่ควรพลาด เป็นร้านกาแฟเปิดใหม่่พื้นที่กว้างขวางไม่แออัด

Bellinee's Bake & Brew

Bellinee's Bake & Brew

ร้านนี้ต้องแวะ คาเฟ่กลางสวนสวยระดับโลก Bellinee's มีจำหน่ายทั้งกาแฟเครื่องดื่มต่างๆเกรดพรีเมี่ยม ทานควบคู่กับเบเกอรี่ ที่อบสดใหม่ทุกวัน (ขอแอบกระซิบ)มีครัวซองสูตรพิเศษของสวนนงนุชเฉพาะ อร่อยทุกคำที่กัด ต้องลอง



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