Is a multipurpose camp for training and personnel development available to both the public and private sectors.  It has many activities and covers an area of over 50 rai and can be used for exercise, relaxation, a learning facility or to learn about plants and plant conservation.  Whatever your needs contact us with your requirements, we’re here to help.

Nongnooch Pattaya Camp is located in the midst of natural, beautiful surroundings and mountains, it is one of the top 10 most beautiful gardens in the world.  
Located at the top check-in point of Nongnooch Pattaya garden is a viewpoint with a panoramic view of the whole of Pattaya Nongnooch garden as well as the beauty of Pattaya city through to the town or district of Satthahip.

Accommodation is divided into: 
    - VIP rooms 1:  4 beds with 3 en-suite bathrooms.
    - VIP rooms 2: 7 beds with 5 en-suite bathrooms.

-Male dormitory:  
Fully air conditioned, has 54 bunk beds so can accommodate up to a total of 108 male persons.

-Female dormitory:  
Fully air conditioned, has 54 bunk beds so can accommodate up to a total of 108 female persons.

-100 triangle tents: 
8 persons per tent, aged 10-15 years old maximum so can provide accommodation for a total of 800  persons.

Facilities and Utilities: 
     - 100 Shower rooms and toilets.
     - Water is filtered for purity and standard cleanliness.
     - Outside Lighting is supplied fitted on tall masts and covers all areas.
     - High speed Wi-Fi internet.
     - Nongnooch Pattaya village welfare shop which is well stocked with all supplies.

Activity Location: 
     - Outdoor activity area has a capacity for 1,000 persons.
     - Indoor auditorium has a capacity for 800 persons.
     - Cooking area
     - More than 20 adventurous activity bases.
     - Nature exploration and hiking activities.
Service team, Lecturer and activities:
It is a professional team that trains both public and private Organization as well as youth groups in various training programs according to organizational objectives such as...  Scout camp activities, Organizational capacity building activities, Activities to promote care and unity within the organization, Teamwork development activities, Personal  development activities, Leadership development activities, Service skills development activities and Activities to adjust positive thoughts and attitudes, etc..

There is a team of experts in curriculum development and activities in order to create course and organise training for maximum efficiency to service recipients:
     - Professional lecturer team.
     - Activities are new types of activities that have been developed for maximum efficiency in training to meet the objectives of the clients who are happy to merge in with every activity. 

1. Activities of youth: 
     - Scout and Girl Scout camp activities at all levels according to the required curriculum.
     - Activities to enhance and develop skill for youth.
     - Many other activities according to customer needs. 

2. Public and private organizations:  
     - Human resource development activities within the organization according to customer requirements. 

Food service: 
     - Buffet 
     - SET
     - Snack 

Safety service: 
     - 24 hours security guards.
     - 24 hours nurse staff
     - Shuttle bus in the event of an accident 24 hours a day.
     - Nursing room for initial medical treatment
     - Fire extinguishers around the service area.
     - Location cleanliness and service, always sanitize and clean after each service to prevent COVID-19 infection to build confidence for customer in using the service every time. 

(Hygiene safety standard “SHA” from Tourism Authority of Thailand)
Producer Mr. Rattaphon Tiyarangsinukul (Coachman) 098-6663446

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